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Materi bahasa inggris SMK kelas XII

Materi bahasa inggris SMK kelas XII akan menjadi penutup dari 12 tahun berada di tingkat sekolah. Rangkuman semua ilmu yang diemban akan terakumulasi di tahap ini. Akan teatapi hiburan tetap perlu dijalankan. Tingkat stress akan terasa, jadi jangan larang siswa untuk melakukan kegiatan ekstra lainnya hanya saja kurangi, mengingat nilai akademis masih menjadi penentu apakah siswa tersebut layak untuk diluluskan atau tidak.
Semoga semua saran saya dan latihan soal yang ada bermanfaat untuk kebaikan semua pihak, terutama siswa. Kemampuan dan kefasihan berbicara harus selalu diasah, juga kemampuan menulis dan kemampuan memahami sebuah cerita. Garis bawahi sekali lagi, peran semua pihak sangat berarti dan menjadi acuan penilain keberhasilan. Baik siswa, guru, orang tua dan pembimbing harus selalu berkomunikasi agar tercipta kerjasama yang apik yang tidak hanya bertujuan untuk kecerdasan siswa, tapi juga kecerdasan bangsa. Pada akhirnya semua usaha yang dilakukan tidak ada yang sia-sia. Siswa diharapkan sudah bisa menyimpulkan semua kasus yang dihadapi dan berani bertanya jika dibutuhkan. Membentuk sebuah kelompok belajar akan sangat bagus dalam perannya membantu siswa untuk fokus dan berkompetensi. Bila siswa sudah dapat menggunakan intuisinya, harap para guru menyadarinya dan membina dengan benar. Karena tugas yang dikerjakan oleh para siswa semuanya diperiksa oleh guru yang mengajar. Terima kasih telah mengikuti ataupun membaca artikel yang ada di webblog ini.

Questions 1- 15 are incomplete dialogues.
Four choices marked A, B, C, D are given beneath each dialog. You have to choose the
one that best completes the dialogs.

1.   Woman : Excuse me, do you know how to get the nearest bank?
Man     : Sure. . . . It's on your left.

A.Walk along this street. Then turn right.
B.It's near the coffee shop.
C.You can go there on foot
D.I'm new in town.

2.   Alia   : What does your brother do, Tantri?
Tantri : He's a tour guide. . . .

A.He helps customers and stamps mails.
B.He guides trainees to install program.
C.He maintains buses and control tickets.
D.He takes people on trips around the world.

3.   Receptionist : Hello, Good morning, "Mak Nyos" Restaurant. May I help you?
Customer     : . . .
Receptionist :  All right.

A.I I'd like to see the menu.
B.I need a glass of soda.
C.I'd like to book a table.
D.I need to arrange the meeting.

4.   Abel  : I believe that Andri is in the library.
Firda : How do you know?
Abel  : . . . He comes there every day.

A.He likes reading books.
B.His interest is about art.
C.His hobby is playing football.
D.He prefers watching to shopping.

5.   Receptionist : Good morning. What can I do for you , sir?
Guest          : I'd like to talk to the Personal Manager, please.
Receptionist : . . . ?
Guest           : Yes, my name is Indarto.

A.May I have your name
B.Could you call him later
C.Have you met him before
D.Have you made an appointment

6.   Retno : I've. been waiting for you for ages. Where have you been?
Anto  : I'm sorry for coming late. . . so my car went slowly.
Retno : You shouldn't have taken that way in busy hours.

A.My car got a flat tire
B.You could be there on time
C.I was caught in a traffic jam
D.I change my plan meeting you

7.   Guest      : Would you do me a favor, please?
Manager : Yes, mum. . . . ?
Guest      : I ordered breakfast half an hour ago, but I haven't got it yet.

A.How do you like the service?
B.What seems to be the problem?
C.Would you like to have breakfast?
D.Can I call the room service for you?

8.   Aditya : . . . I need some more to complete the proposal.
Alfon   : Sure, my pleasure..

A.Would you read the notice loudly?
B.Could you get me some paper, please?
C.Would you type the proposal for me, please?
D.Could you write the task plan, please?

9.   Alex  : What do you suggest for dinner?
Silvia : . . .
Alex  : Sorry, I'm vegetarian now.

A.Let's cook onion soup at home.
B.I think we can enjoy marmalade.
C.What about eating some French fries.
D.Why don't we have steak at the Crown?

10.   Dany : Don't forget to bring the raincoat.
           The weather forecast said that it's going to rain this afternoon.
Audy : . . . . Thanks for reminding me.

A.It doesn't look though it will rain.
B.I don't think it's impossible.
C.Yes, that's quite possible.
D.It's not likely to rain.

11.   Vania   : What's so special of Steak House? You visit that restaurant so often, don't you? Vincent: Yes, I do. It provides various sorts of menu.
Vania   : Does it have enough space for parties?
Vincent: Sure. . . . It is quite wide.

A.It serves delicious food.
B.It can hold more that 200 people.
C.It will provide tables and chairs.
D.It gives special discount for credit card holders.

12.   Yudha : My school will hold farewell party to end this academic year next Saturday.
            There will be "ADA" Band performing their latest songs.
Yossy : It must be very interesting.
Yudha : Yeah. Each student can take one friend to the party. . . . .
Yossy : Sure. I'd love to. It would be a great party.

A.Would you come to the birthday party?
B.Could you sing the popular songs in the party?
C.Could you find another ticket for our friend?
D.Will you come along with me?

13.   Bella : Fantastic! . . . It matches your blouse well.
Chika: Thanks. My niece gave it to me on my birthday.

A.What dress is that?
B.What a lovely dress!
C.You are very beautiful!
D.How nice is her gown?

14.   Dessy : Aji failed his exam.
Anna  : Yes. He's never serious. . . .

A.If I pass, I would work hard.
B.If he had studied hard, he could have made it.
C.If I were him, I wouldn't study hard.
D.If he were lazy, he would get success.

15.   Dicky : I think we should charter the bus for our trip this week.
Dody : . . . because many schools will charter the bus for their student during
           the school holiday.

A.I agree with you.
B.I don't think so.
C.I think that's not good idea.
D.That's not right.

In question 16 - 20, each sentences has four words or phrase underlined. The four underlined words are marked A, B, C, and D. You have to identify the underlined words or phrases that should be corrected or rewritten.

16.   In person, as an actress, Maharani appears bigger than she really is.
                                                         A                   B
Relatives tall, this young woman has friendly manner and beautiful smile.
She looks neat and tidy in her black and white dress.


17.   Satff  : Excuse me, sir. I am not so well. Should you allow me to have a check up today?
                                                       A        B
Boss : Well, it is okay, but be sure to have someone handle your work.
                                           C                                     D


18.   Ani  : Look! This T-shirts are beautiful. Which one do you like better?
                                                  A                                              B
Ana : I like the blue one better. The design is nicest that the yellow one.
                         C                                           D


19.   Jihan Boutique, who produces only seven pieces of silk dress a month, practically makes
                           A                                                                    B                          C
each dress by hand.


20.   A : Do you want to go  to the zoo with me on Sunday?
       A                     B
B : I'd love to. I always enjoy visiting the zoo.
                            C                   D


Questions 21- 35 are based on a selection of reading materials. You have to choose the best answer A, B, C, and D to each question.

First, the empty yogurt cups are brought to the filling line by an automatic conveyor. Then the cups are filled automatically. Next the cups are sealed. After that, the sealed cups are packed in boxes by hand. The boxes are then placed on the pallets. Next, the pallets are wrapped and taken to dispatch.

21.   The main idea of the text is . . .

A.the machines of food production
B.the instrument of automatic machine
C.the process of filling
D.The material for yogurt

22.   Where are the cups packed after sealing? the filling line the conveyor the boxes
D.on the pallets

23.   How is the process of the production done?

A.It is mostly run by machines
B.It is automatically processed by employees.
C.It is complicated in packing the sealed cups.
D.There is an inefficient process of the production.

After the Olympics, Cassius Clay emerged in the professional league under the sponsorship of the Louisville Sponsoring Group. In October 1960, in his first professional heavyweight fight against Tunney Honaker, he won. After winning his next eighteen fights, fifteen by knockout, Clay was scheduled to fight the heavyweight champion Sonny Liston on February 25, 1964 in Miami Beach, Florida.

Clay was considered the underdog to Liston who has knocked out his last three challengers in the first round. Before the fight, as Clay was known to do, he verbally attacked Liston and boated that he would win. To be shocked of the boxing world, Clay's prediction came true. He defeated Liston.

24.   What does paragraph 1 talk about?

A.Clay's first professional heavy weight.
B.Clay's schedules in Miami Beach, Florida.
C.Cassius Clay's boxing matches from 1960 to 1964.
D.Clay knocked out his challenger in the first round.

25.   When was Clay's first professional heavyweight fight?

A.In October 1960.
B.In February 1964.
C.After winning his next eighteen fights.
D.After knocking out his last three challengers.

26.   What is the synonym of the word 'defeated'? (Paragraph 2, last sentence)


Mecca is Islam's holiest city, home to the Kaaba shrine and the Grand mosque. The city is known for the annual Hajj pilgrimage, being one of the five pillars of Islam. In the 7th century, the Islamic prophet, Muhammad, proclaimed Islam in the city. The city played an important role in the early history of Islam and now it is an important trading center. After 966, Mecca was led by local Sharifs, until 1924, when it came under the rule of the Saudis. In its modern period, Mecca has seen a great expansion in size an infrastructure.

The modern day city is located in the capital of Saudi Arabia's Makkah Province, in the historic Hejaz region. With a population of 1, 700,000 (1008), the city is located 73 kilometers (45 miles) inland from Jeddah, in a narrow valley, and 27 meters  (910 ft) above sea level.

27.   What is the text about?

A.Saudi Arabia.
B.The size of the city.
C.The city of Mecca.
D.The location of the city.

28.   Why is Mecca important?

A.It has more than 2 million inhabitants.
B.It has a modern infrastructure.
C.It is a world trade center.
D.It is a holy city.

29.   " . . . ., when it came . .. (Paragraph 1)
What does the word "it" tefer to?


30.   What is the table about?

A.Discount of long distance calls
B.Flat rates applied for all long distance calls
C.The cost of using the telephone at night.
D.Long distance telephone rates for direct dial calls.

31.   The following are time we get discount tariff for long distance calls, EXCEPT . . . nights
B.on weekends the evenings
D.during business hours

32.   The synonym of the word distance is . . .
C.length of wires
D.height of buildings

To     : Sugeng Sumiyoto (
From : Yani Hndayani (
Subject: Suggestions
Sent      : April 21, 2009

           Dear Mr. Sumiyoto,
           First of all, congratulation on being appointed as the school principal of SMK Putra Bangsa.
           I am contacting you because in my position as Vocational School supervisor in Medan I see a lot of energy being wasted. Every night, almost all of the lights in your school are on. I believe that you have put up signs "Please turn off lights when leaving this room" but they are often ignored.
           I suggest you set up the computerized system that will automatically shut off the lights at a certain hour. I think that by taking this simple way, you could lower the school's electric bill every month.
          Thank you for your attention, and good luck with your new job.

          Vocational School Supervisor

33.   The vocational school supervisor is worried about the wasteful use of . . .

B.light bulbs
C.electric energy
D.automatic lights

34.   Paragraph two tells us about . . .

A.the principal pays electric bill lower
B.computers will be used in limited time
C.there must be an effort to save energy
D.the school computer will be systematized automatically

35.   'I believe that you have put up signs "Please turn off lights when leaving this room" but they are often ignored'.
The word 'they' in the sentence above refers to . . . .


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